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New video, new song, new record

We present:

The first song of our new record „Stumbling“

It´s called „Cornerstones“ Enjoy!

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Mama, we´re in the papers

A little articel about us and what´s going to happen next year!

We just recorded our new album ‚Stumbling‘ which is going to be released in april 2017 by HOMEBOUND RECORDS! Therefore we´re going to play a few shows in springtime!       Come around!


New video

Recorded at Riez Rockbar (Bausendorf 25.12.2014)

New Song: Fool me!

10 Bands 10 Minutes: Weihnachtskonzert

Es ist wieder soweit. Das legendäre Trierer Weihnachtskonzert jährt sich zum 4. Mal.

Diesmal lautet das Motto:

The Boss-Edition : A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

Jeder Band spielt 2 eigene Songs und covert einen Springsteen-Hit.

23.12.2014 @ EXHAUS TRIER!


Album gratis! Our record for free!

Hey folks.

By following the soundcloud link you can download our whole album „Partially ordered relations“ for free!

Feel free to share!